Learn Python PyQt

Learn Python PyQt

What is PyQt?

PyQt is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt, used as a Python module.

pyqt gui

It is a free software originally designed by Riverbank Computing, it is accessible via similar terms to Qt versions older than 4.5, signifying that a wide array of licenses such as General Public License are supported, yet unlike Qt, PyQt cannot be used with LGPL.

PyQt can be used with:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOs

PyQt aids in implementing more than 440 classes and 6,000 settings and methods, like:

  • An impressive GUI widget pack
  • Distinct classes for reaching SQL databases, including ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQLite
  • A Scintilla friendly text editor widget
  • XML parser
  • SVG aid

Book: Create Desktop Apps with Python PyQt5

What is PyQt used for?

It is used for creating a (Python) GUI, developing desktop applications with Python.

The latest version is PyQt5. Some examples of PyQt / Qt software is:

  • the dropbox desktop client
  • r studio / spyder
  • kde desktop (made with qt)

Why PyQt?

PyQt provides many classes, methods and widgets. This allows you to make a rich desktop app.

some of the many pyqt widgets

You can add all types of buttons (push, radio, check), images, interact with databases and a lot more.

Unlike tkinter which is rather limited in number of widget, Pyqt comes with a large set of widgets included.

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